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Kitchen Island Configurations: Stacked Cabinets for an island

After considering styling and function, kitchen cabinets are there to compartmentalize things.  The above design does this nicely. By designing two Ikea refrigerator wall cabinets (15″x30″) instead of full height door base cabinets each level has a distinct function.  The … Continue reading

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Ikea International: Faktum versus Akurum. What’s in a name?

If you’ve ever had a chance to flip through a European Ikea Kitchen catalog, you might have noticed at least one difference: the name.  The Akurum cabinets are the standard for the US, Canada and Dominican Republic; Faktum is used … Continue reading

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Kitchen Design Ideas: Staggered Heights and Accent Doors

Window frames, like cabinets, have gotten away from certain basic colors. Window frames used to be just aluminum and white – now they’re available in lots of the same colors as IKEA’s cabinets. Here our designers aimed to tie the … Continue reading

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Kitchen Island Configurations: Granite Countertops for Easy Clean-up of Oil Spills

Fried chicken from a cast iron skillet is everyone’s favorite – but, oh, the cleanup. Oil and batter splattered all around the stove, countertop and sides. De-greasing all the surfaces isn’t that hard if there’s a little “wall” around the … Continue reading

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Common Kitchen Design Mistakes: Corner Stove and Microwave alignment

Inexperienced IKEA designers have a tendency to set all cabinets and appliances against the wall, however ranges placed at an angled corner wall are an important exception.  The main reason for this is that the range will not be aligned below … Continue reading

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Kitchen Island Configurations: Storage on Both Sides with Different Heights

Doors and storage towards two distinct areas . . . how practical! Islands usually serve only the kitchen. Our IKEA island does more – it serves the dining area also. Designed as a room divider, the back row consists of … Continue reading

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A Craft Room with Ikea Kitchen Cabinets

Cubbards, cubicles, crevices, corners and containers can’t begin to handle a crafter’s contents. Crafters know that there is nothing worse than a disorganized work space. Kitchen cabinets sort it all out, especially when combined with with IKEA’s storage solutions and … Continue reading

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Kitchen Island Configurations: Using Wall Cabinets as Bases for a Unique Look

It’s got it all: open shelves, glass doors, floating shelf, different heights and recesses -all in 100”! The recessed island’s center is a wine cove; bottles stacked on each side with glasses stored in the center cabinet. The raised bar … Continue reading

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A functional kitchen island from IKEA

We’ve all been there: we’re trying to create the perfect island for the kitchen and the ideas seem contradictory. However, there’s no need to sacrifice looks for functionality! You can have them both with a gorgeous two-level island. Just take … Continue reading

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The Before Shots and The Completed Design – Project 6

IKDO designed a cozy eating area for $3,813.53

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