Ikea Vanities: What’s a good place to hide my hamper?

Most laundry hampers are fairly difficult to access; also most folks don’t really want to see its contents. With an attractive basket that’s emptied often, a laundry hamper needn’t be hampered by having to open a door first.

Maybe there’s not enough space for the hamper . .  . or, it looks ugly off to the side on the floor.  Simply design an open space within your vanity cabinets to place a very accessible, yet tucked away, hamper

Remove the doors of a 24″ base cabinet.  Use either a full height door cabinet – or a door and drawer cabinet – depending on the height of your hamper.  If not using birch or white doors use ½” thick Ikea cover panels along the interiors to match  the color of the door.

Finally a plinth is used to cover the panel seams along the edges.  Here’s the full measurement information:

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The Before Shots and the Completed Design – Project 17

IKDO designed a more open and practical space in Abstrakt White. Cabinet Cost:$5,351.15

Sketches for the kitchen remodel sent

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Guest Post: IKEA induction cook-tops – A worthwhile investment.

When it comes to the kitchen, design is dictated by the fact that there are some things you need to have in that room. A fridge freezer, an oven and a stove are pretty much par for the course. When we look heating our pans, we tend to think about gas or electric cook-tops first. Obviously, they have been around for years and do the job very well.

However, a new player has entered the arena and that is magnetic induction heating. IKEA has brought out an induction cook-top because this is a very impressive and effective new method of cooking.

Induction works by creating a magnetic field that reacts with the metal of the pan. This means that the whole pan becomes the heating element. It is this that cooks your food, rather than the heat coming from below.

Image courtesy of Ikea.com

Now, this can prove to be much more effective than gas or traditional electric cooking in many ways. For a start, because it’s the pan that gets hot, the cook-top remains a lot cooler. Food won’t stick and burn to the surface and you could clean immediately with a paper towel. This is much safer for the person cooking.

Also, the level of heat control is instant. This is as fast as gas cooking and much faster than an electric ceramic cook-top, which has elements that can take a while to cool if you lower the temperature.

But the main selling point has to be the speed. Because it uses the pan as the element, you can cook a lot faster. In fact, a pint of water will take around three minutes with a gas cook-top. With induction, you can boil in only a minute and a half.

It’s also almost 84% more energy efficient compared to gas cooking. All in all, an IKEA induction cook-top can prove to be a time and money saver over the long term. You don’t even have to buy all new pots and pan contrary to what you may have heard. If a magnet can stick to the bottom of the pan, it’s suitable for induction heating.

Halit is a writer and contributes impartial appliance reviews to Appliance Reviews.

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Common Kitchen Design Mistakes: Do I Need Fillers for Drawer Cabinets by the Wall?

Bathroom storage is tight to begin with; who wants drawers that only open halfway? Or, that do manage to open completely but scrape the adjoining wall.

When using IKEA’s frameless cabinets it’s important to remember that fillers (spacers) are vital to separate the cabinet from the wall.  Drawers will open completely and easily without any wall damage.

The recommended filler width is 1″ to 2”, however in cases where space is absolutely limited, then 5/8″ could do.  Here’s how it should be done:

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Kitchen Design Ideas: A Single Cabinet Facing Out for a Table Based Peninsula

Typical kitchen peninsulas are part of the cabinets; they’re permanent.  We feel that’s too limiting in a small kitchen. Sometimes and island is useful and others a peninsula.

With a little design forethought, transform a single row kitchen into an “L” shaped one  – without losing any storage space.  Just turn the final base cabinet 90 degrees from the rest of the cabinets.

A 24” base or drawer base is recommended because its width is the same as the depth of the other cabinets.  A Perfekt cover panel will be required to cover the visible side.  Use a Vika Amon/ Vika Adils table by this cabinet to create the peninsula.  The drawers will provide a comfortable space for day to day items.

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FAMOUS KITCHENS – Get the Look: Daddy Day Care – Movie Homes

Today’s famous kitchen comes from the Eddie Murphy’s Daddy Day Care.  Here’s our version:

IKEA Door Style: Stat White
Main Features: two level island with horizontal wine storage, built in appliances, open shelves.
Faucet: Hjuvik with Handspray
Sink: Fyndig, Single bowl
Estimated Price:  $3,970.72

Complete the look:

1. Numerar Countertop 2. Svep Knobs 3.  Emmie
4. Senior Kitchen Utensils 5.  Grava Plant Pot 6.  Hosto Watering Can
7.  Framtid Double Oven 8. Renlig Dishwasher 9.   Datid Gas Cooktop
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Kitchen Design Ideas: A Beverage Station using a Wine Cooler in a Tall Cabinet

Some of us have been known to take extreme measures while wanting to continue the good times and not finding a bottle of wine or spirits. Our design takes the wine cooler off the floor and places it at eye-level for easy access.

Beverage coolers are generally designed to go under the counter, however not everyone likes crouching down to grab a cold drink.  Design a 30” tall oven cabinet for both the cooler and more storage.

Standard wine cooler measurements are 24” wide and 34 1/2” high.

The bottom drawers are excellent to store mugs and small bowls, even trays, as well as snacks for fast and easy serving.

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Ikea Vanities: Open Cabinets for Sink Bases


We say take the doors off of those sink cabinet bases and let it all hang out. Why? Because the area below the sink tends to become musty so no doors mean better ventilation. Also, typical sink bases don’t have a shelf – so they’re useless for storage.

Our vanity design features open storage below the sink. Doing so is rather simple: design two 33″ sink bases with two 18″ drawer cabinets at the ends – and a 30″ door and drawer cabinet for the center.  All storage needs are covered: small items (drawers), larger items not typically displayed like cleaning supplies (middle cabinet) and items needed at easy reach, such as toiler paper or towels (open shelves).

The 33” sink bases will have to be modified: first remove the doors.  A ½” thick (24”x 30”) thick IKEA Cover Panel must be cut and installed along the sink base interior to achieve the “matching interiors look”.  Consider that cabinets come in birch and white, so if using the corresponding door colors this step is not necessary.

Then a 5/8” thick (3’x8’)  IKEA Cover Panel is used to build a 2 ½” thick center shelf and to install at the bottom of the cabinet to match the shelf thickness.  Lastly a matching IKEA Plinth or – matching edge banding – is used to build a frame along the edges to cover the panel seams.  Keep in mind that a small portion of the plumbing might be visible.

Here’s the measurement information:

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Common Kitchen Mistakes: How do I Know What the ideal Circulation Area is between cabinets?

An experienced kitchen designer knows that there must be at least 30” of free space of circulation area between cabinets. The narrower the space the greater the chance for accidents, problems or general boo-boos.

Imagine carrying a pot of boiling water from the stove to another area while avoiding obstacles?  Or, being splattered by hot grease while frying – then jumping back and crashing into the island? Or opening the dishwasher or oven door just inches away from the cabinets in front of them?

If a minimum of 30″ of free-space isn’t maintained then those are the least of the problems .  .  Here’s how it should be done:

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An Unexpected use of Accent Doors

Accent doors usually bring a nice change of color and create a focal point in any kitchen. Though small kitchens don’t have many cabinets where accent doors may be designed.

It’s not necessary to use a full row of cabinets with an accent door (or a door in a different color as we’ve used above).  As little as one cabinet can be used to create this look, in this case it’s the sink cabinet.

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