FAMOUS KITCHENS – Get the Look: Baby Mama – Movie Homes

Image courtesy of Hooked on Houses

Today’s famous kitchen comes from the movie Baby Mama, and it’s Tina Fey’s character’s kitchen.  Here’s our version:

IKEA Door Style: Lidingo White
Main Features: lots of storage space, glass doors, stacked cabinets, wall cabinets attached to ceiling (professional installer consultation required), peninsula, apron front sink
Faucet: Hjuvik with Handspray
Sink: Domsjo Double Bowl
Estimated Price:  $8,489.85

Complete the look:

1.  Pragel Black Stone Effect Countertop 2. Fagleboda Handles 3. Faglavik Knobs
4. Rosepeppar Plant Pot 5.  Ideel Bowl  6.  Stockholm Bowl
7.  Mogden Jar 8.  Bakelse Tumbler 9.  Hutten Wine Rack

About IKD

IKD began several years ago designing IKEA kitchens for IKEA authorized installation contractors. We've successfully completed thousands of IKEA kitchen designs for every possible range of size, shape, budget and style. We still continue to design for these IKEA contractors, but also serve those IKEA consumers that just want a design or will install themselves. Most often customers want a better quality design than what they can do with IKEA's Home Planner.
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