IKEA kitchen islands: your own cooking and baking center

Island in Abstrakt Red

Typical kitchen designs have a full range or a cooktop in one cabinet and wall oven in a tall cabinet.  If there’s space for an island, then a lot of space is saved by including them here.

The island shown includes a 30″ wide base oven cabinet  (or a 24″ for smaller ovens and even microwaves, that have a smaller drawer on the bottom), one 15″ drawer base cabinet, a 24″ w x 30″ h x 12″ wall cabinet used as a base and a 12″ open shelf base cabinet create  a useful cooking and baking area of 69″ x 24″

An island with built-in appliances is a great way to create an efficient work triangle, serving as a mid- point between the fridge and sink in this case, while  also providing additional counter space to shorten the distances and avoid spills between one area and the other.

About IKD

IKD began several years ago designing IKEA kitchens for IKEA authorized installation contractors. We've successfully completed thousands of IKEA kitchen designs for every possible range of size, shape, budget and style. We still continue to design for these IKEA contractors, but also serve those IKEA consumers that just want a design or will install themselves. Most often customers want a better quality design than what they can do with IKEA's Home Planner.
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