Design ideas: Combine colors and materials for your IKEA kitchen

Nexus Brown-Black with Rubrik Stainless Doors

Designing with two door colors/styles breaks the monotony and gives a creative look rather inexpensively.  It works well for both contemporary and traditional kitchen designs. Here are a few options:

  • Wall Cabinets: Choose one door style for the base cabinets and another for wall cabinets.  Great option for small spaces. How about using Nexus Brown-Black base cabinets and Abstrakt Cream wall cabinets?
  • Glass Doors: Use the frame of a different door style, or even the same style but in a different color.  For example using Adel White Cabinets you can go for Adel Beech Glass Door frames or try mullion glass doors using Stat White Wall Cabinets
  • Stacked Cabinets: If you have enough room to use stacked cabinets, why not design the upper row of cabinets in a different style? A White Applad kitchen will certainly shine when paired with a row of Red Abstrakt sliding door wall cabinets along the top.
  • Islands: Go for dark cabinets, such as Ramsjo Brown-Black for your bases and wall cabs and combine them with a light island, like Ramsjo White.  As for the counter, you can choose the same color for both or even invert the colors.

Ramsjo Kitchen with both Brown-Black and White Cabinets

But don’t forget:

  • Keep it simple: make sure the door styles and colors complement each other.  If the door chosen is too detailed, then make sure the second door style isn’t. For example the beaded design in Stat doors wouldn’t go well with a high gloss Rubrik Abstrakt Green door.
  • Careful with the color selection: check color chips or door samples at an IKEA store to make sure that the colors combine well. Rubrik Turquoise with Lidingo White may sound good in theory, but the only way to be sure is to see them next to one another.
  • Neutral countertops: choosing more than one color for your cabinets means that the countertop must match two styles instead of one. While a Numerar birch countertop would look stunning with White Harlig cabinets, it will go poorly with a high gloss Gray Abstrakt.

Any other interesting IKEA door combination suggestions?

About IKD

IKD began several years ago designing IKEA kitchens for IKEA authorized installation contractors. We've successfully completed thousands of IKEA kitchen designs for every possible range of size, shape, budget and style. We still continue to design for these IKEA contractors, but also serve those IKEA consumers that just want a design or will install themselves. Most often customers want a better quality design than what they can do with IKEA's Home Planner.
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