Common Kitchen Design Mistakes: cooking area too close to a tall cabinet

What’s wrong with the picture above?

There’s a tall cabinet directly to the left of the range. A very serious NO-NO and a design error that a professional would never make.

What’s the big deal?

  1. Splatters and Smudges: It’s inevitable.  Whenever you cook, something’s bound to jump out of the frying pan – and the worst part is that it’s not necessarily something you are going to notice right away.  Spaghetti sauce is easily spotted, but what about oil? It may be noticed it after it’s dried up and hard to get the stain out of the cabinet. No one wants their cabinets to become splatter stoppers.
  2. Heat: Designing the side of the tower right next to a source of high heat will significantly reduce the life of the cabinet.  It will damage the melamine and veneers – causing peeling – and the walls of the cabinet will become weakened.
  3. Very uncomfortable cooking: It’s necessary to have the area on the sides of the range free to cook properly. You want to be able to move the boiling pots around easily and to not have to put your arms directly over them because of the tall tower. Also, a countertop is absolutely necessary on both sides of the range for prep and a working surface.

So, what should’ve been done? Either eliminate the Tall Tower and design a base and wall cabinet instead. Or, decrease the width of the base cabinet to the right of the range and place a new base cabinet to the left of the range with that same width.

Oh, and your blogger did notice the refrigerator next to the wall . . . but it’s best discussed at another time.

About IKD

IKD began several years ago designing IKEA kitchens for IKEA authorized installation contractors. We've successfully completed thousands of IKEA kitchen designs for every possible range of size, shape, budget and style. We still continue to design for these IKEA contractors, but also serve those IKEA consumers that just want a design or will install themselves. Most often customers want a better quality design than what they can do with IKEA's Home Planner.
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